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"Tattooing the pain of the past, into freedom for the future".

Scar Cover Up Freedom Fund (SCUFF) was started in 2018. One of the founders, Jess, had her own self-harm scars covered with tattoos as she felt trapped and held back by the constant reminder of a difficult time in her life. She soon realised that there would be others out there, like her, that needed this gift of freedom, who wouldn't be able to afford it, and may need support to do so.

Since then, SCUFF has grown to not only offer funding for tattoos to cover self-harm scars, but to also offer training for those caring for people who are self-harming and we hope to soon be offering more support for people struggling with self-harm.

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On 1st September 2021 SCUFF will be celebrating it's 3rd birthday and on the 23rd September it will be 1 year since we became a registered charity. 

Right now we are low on volunteers (although have a few new ones coming onboard) and our team is stretched thin so we can't celebrate the way we really want to, Instead we have decided that we will be running a fundraiser to try to raise £1 for every day that SCUFF has been running when we turn 3! So we have £1097 to raise!

Can you help us reach our target by donating via JustGiving? We can now claim gift aid too (YAY!) so if you are a UK taxpayer, you can tickity tick the gift aid box. If you can't donate - please share - currently, our social media reach and engagement is very low, so please keep commenting, liking and sharing our posts across all our social media platforms! 


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Did you know that for every £1 that you donate to us we can claim an additional 25p? All you need to do is complete a Gift Aid Declaration form. This is only available for taxpayers as the money that we claim is from the tax that you have already paid. But it costs you no extra! 
If you send a message to this Facebook page giving us your email address then we can send you a form. Thank you!

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For the next 5 Wednesdays I'm going to be giving ideas of things we can do to improve our wellbeing as recommended by the NHS. Up first is *Connect with other people*. Good relationships are important for our mental wellbeing because they: help us to feel a sense of belonging and self-worth; give us an opportunity to share positive experiences; provide us with emotional support and allow us to support others.
Reach out today to either a friend or family member, virtually or in person and let us know the difference that it makes ❤

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*TW - suicide, self-harm*


Today I am busy training another group of amazing people in Self-Harm Crisis Management so this image grabbed me. If anyone had asked me, at the beginning of 2018, where I saw myself in 2021, I would have looked them straight in the eye and said "not alive". Thankfully I am still here - partly because I found my fire when I started SCUFF! Now, here I am, 3.5 years later, running this incredible charity, supporting people who self-harm, training others who support people who self-harm and raising funds to cover scars with tattoos. 

It can be hard, when we are struggling with managing our mental health, to think about the future. However, having that little spark, waiting to be fanned into a flame, can be a step towards mental wellness. So maybe today you could think about your spark, or your flame, and how you could make it burn brighter!

What is your fire, or what could it be? 

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*TW - Self-harm Scars*


A late one, but an exciting one - another cover up tattoo funded by our lovely amazing supporters! This tattoo was completed by El Harper at Ministry Of Ink / @ministryofink_farnham a couple of weeks ago. Here's what our applicant had to say about her experience:

"Getting this tattoo was a really important step for my healing journey. And without the help from SCUFF I wouldn’t have been able to take this step. As many people with scars will know, having them in such visible paces can cause such shame and vulnerability. Being able to get a beautiful tattoo over them has made me WANT to uncover my arms in public rather than hide them away. I feel confident and able to move on and heal from such a difficult time in my life. Thank you scuff for all your kindness and help."

If you would like to help change more lives, please consider donating to SCUFF!

Paypal - paypal.me/scuff2018
Bank transfer - 636511963 // 53-61-23
Justgiving - www.justgiving.com/scarcoverupfreedomfund

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We are still looking for volunteers to help us with our fundraising. You can offer as much or as little time as you are able and we would be extremely grateful. You will get to gain some great skills to add to your CV and feel a sense of pride and achievement. Apply via the 'jobs' on our Facebook page or head over to Indeed and search our vacancies. We can't wait to hear from you!

Did you know that reading a good book for only 6 minutes a day can reduce your stress levels by 60%? Reading reduces heart rate, eases muscle tension and alters your state of mind (Mental Health First Aid England). We all lead busy lives but how about you try and fit in some reading either to begin or end the day or on your lunch break? Remember, you only need to start with 6 minutes! 

Image by freestocks on unsplash.

We have a few different volunteering roles available, and we will be holding an online volunteer intro and Q&A session on Wednesday 18th August at 11am. We are currently recruiting volunteers to support us with social media, and fundraising, and we are recruiting trustees. If you are interested in volunteering for SCUFF, please head over to our indeed page and apply for one of the positions!


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