What We Do

Funding Tattoo Cover Ups

If you are struggling with living with your self-harm scars, we may be able to help you. We can provide funding for those who are on benefits or living with a low income, to pay for tattoos to cover up scars. 

a tattoo of flowers and a buck cover self harm scarring on the arm of a white person

Training Courses

We currently offer training in Self-Harm Crisis Management. This is perfect for anyone working or living with a person who self-harms. We run these on a regular basis and are looking to expand our courses. 

man in green and white long sleeve shirt writing on a white board

Support for Self-Harmers

We are looking at ways that we can support people who are struggling with self-harm. We plan on setting up support groups and providing mental wellbeing packs. For now, we can offer advice, or referrals.

illustration of two cartoonish multi coloured hands entwined on a similarly colourful background